Ducati and Diesel have been cross-promoting with each other since 2011, first with the jeans brand sponsoring the motorcycle company’s efforts in the MotoGP Championship. The relationship then blossomed into a bike collaboration, with the Ducati Monster Diesel.

With the naming thing going on, you really can’t blame people for thinking that the tank-colored motorcycle shared a fuel source with a piece of mobile artillery. We don’t think anyone will be making that mistake with the Ducati Diavel Diesel though.

Possibly fueled by fire and brimstone and with 666 units to be made, it should be very clear that Ducati and Diesel wanted something a bit edgier in their limited edition power cruiser. We know this because phrases like “hyperkinetic dynamism”, “post-apocalyptic”, and “retro-futuristic world” are used in the press release to describe this Diavel (which is Bolognese for devil, by the way).

Snark aside, the Ducati Diavel Diesel is a pretty interesting collaborative design from the two brands, and it features hand-brushed stainless steel panels that have been welded and riveted together. We can also see some intriguing pieces built for the exhaust and seat.

Of course, the brake calipers have been painted red, as have been five links on the drive chain !!!

The Motorcycle

This limited edition model is a collaboration between fashion icon Diesel, and the Ducati Design Center. It’s a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic design that will arouse the same very strong customer demand we have seen in the past with the Scrambler Italia Independent and the Monster Diesel. The Diavel’s strong and unique personality and boldness is enhanced by special details and exclusive finishes that go beyond motorcycle world directly into fashion and art.

The Ducati Diavel Diesel features a host of unique and arresting cosmetic and construction details. These add up to an undeniably distinctive design unlike any other motorcycle on the road today. These include visible welded rivets on the hand-brushed steel gas tank cover, passenger seat cover and flyscreen.

The black anodized side air intakes include red methacrylate caps machined on the internal surface with the Diesel mark.

The black stainless steel exhaust manifolds are coated with black ceramic Zircotec and billet muffler end caps.

The LCD display is red to tie in with the other subtle touches of red throughout the motorcycle.

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The LCD display is red to tie in with the other subtle touches of red throughout the motorcycle.

Other details include red Brembo front brake calipers, five red drive chain links and billet mirrors.

The genuine leather seat has a bold ribbed design and small DDD pyramid in distressed leather as does the front fender.

Each model will be individually number and production is limited to 666.


Two-level instrumentation; upper red LCD screen, lower color TFT screen


Black stainless steel muffler with aluminum billet and caps. Manifolds coated with black ceramic Zircotec.

Standard Equipment

Riding Modes, Power Modes, Ducati Safety Pack (Bosch ABS + DTC), RbW, Hands-Free, Full-LED Headlight, Front turnsignals with guidelight, Hand-brushed steel tank cover, passenger seat cover and flyscreen with visible weldings and rivets, Black anodized side air intakes with weldings and red methacrylate covers with machined Diesel mark, genuine leather ribbed seat, Billet mirrors, Bike cover with distinctive design, Rear stand.


The Ducati Diavel Diesel will be available at the MSRP below with standard dealer margin.

MSRP (USD) - $25,795